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Today...the present First Baptist church occupies the same site at First Av. and S. Sixth St., was built in 1924. History of the Baptist faith in Council Bluffs dates back in 1856. An old story on the church gives the Baptist group credit for…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene...Here is First Baptist Church as it appeared between 1879 and 1924 at First Ave. and S. Sixth St. This building was used by the congregation for 45 years, and this picture was drawn from an old sketch by Gail Connelly,…

Top - New Annex Of First Baptist Church . . . is of harmonizing red brick. The new structure is attached to the church building by modernistic glass fronted corridors and white stone paneling.

Middle - Spacious Classrooms . . . such as this are…

Rolling Out The Red Carpet . . . are left to right, Gary Hastings and Richard Hastings. The men, employees at a Council Bluffs carpeting company, rolled out the carpeting on the sidewalk in front of First Baptist Church to cut it in the right…

Discussing List . . . of charges to be contacted are these two First Baptist Guardian Angels, Mrs. Oscar Biesendorfer and Mrs. Jackie Rindone.

The Present First Baptist Church . . . was dedicated in 1924 and stands at Sixth St. and First Ave.

First Baptist Church . . . building is 60 years old. the First Baptist congregation has worshipped on the same downtown corner for the past 128 years and hope to remain there.

Growth Of First Baptist Church . . . shows in the spacious extension of its overall plant through the past 50-year period. The sanctuary was built in 1024 and the annex was dedicated in 1965. Fond memories of its growth and strength will be shared in…

First Baptist Church . . . educational wing is shown in above architect's drawing. The unit will relieve crowded conditions and beautify the church property.

Showing off the new sign with directions to his church, the Rev. Robert Nelson, 1126 Military Ave., said the sign is part of the church's effort to "get closer" to the community. The sign, donated by a local real estate firm, shows the way to First…

First Baptist Church, Council Bluffs, IA
circa 1929
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