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First Christian Church, October 1952

First Christian Church Educational Unit, May 1967

Picking Out Hymns . . . for Sunday's dedication service are the Rev. Richard D. Hogan, pastor of the First Christian Church, and organist Berneil Hanson. Some of the pipes from the 1,800-pipe Wicks Organ in the sanctuary can be seen in the…

Above is the First Christian church which has undergone complete remodeling, costing more than $28,000. The entire interior of the church has been redecorated and an addition housing fifteen bible school rooms has been erected at the north end of the…

Installing A Panel . . . of stained glass in the window on the south wall of First Christian Church's new sanctuary are Mark Novotny and Carl Monto. Both are from La Manna Studios in Nutley, N.J., which designed the window.

Architect's Drawing . . . of new educational unit and present First Christian Church at Scott and Mynster Streets.

Top - This Spacious Lounge . . . is located immediately at the entrance of the new First Christian educational unit. Its green-blue carpeting is complemented by furnishings in matching greens and blues, and accented with lamps of a burnt orange hue.…

This Colonial Brick . . . is the new parsonage of First Christian Church.

First Christian Church . . . now reaches the full length of Mynster Street from the church proper at 532 Mynster St., on the northeast corner of Mynster and Scott Streets to the far corner which houses the Ingraham Real Estate Co., 101 N. 6th St. The…

Testing The Soil . . . for Sunday's groundbreaking of the new First Christian Church, Sixth and Mynster streets, are the Rev. Richard D. Hogan, Judd Gillespie, church treasurer; Wayne Burgeson, chairman of the board; Marie Campbell, building…

An arched roof section of the new First Christian Church educational unit is hoisted into place by a crane Friday. The roof ties into an arch at the front entrance. Each pre-cast, barrel vaulted section weighs 32,000 pounds. The $350,000 project,…

This Architectural Drawing . . . is of First Christian Church's proposed new $1,800,000 church building to be constructed directly west of the present educational unit and a the corner of Mynster and Sixth streets.

This Gigantic Mural . . . painted on a wall in the Toddler's classroom at First Christian Church illustrates Noah calling the birds and beasts to join him and his family aboard his ark to preserve them from the great flood. The artist was Mrs. Roy…

Bob Matter . . . strums his guitar at the Agape coffee house. His solo was part of entertainment which included testimonials from young people about how they found Christ. Anyone in the audience was invited to perform or to testify.

Admiring Stone . . . to be placed in the corner of the Educational Unit at First Christian Church are Mrs. Wilbur Hummel, Richard D. Hogan, pastor, and David Peterson.

Rehearsing A Number . . . for recital at First Christian Church is Dr. Tom Brantigan of Omaha. The guest recitalist is a minister of music and a music teacher.
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