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Adjusting Crosses . . . that adorn the wall behind the pulpit of First Church of the Nazarene chapel is the Rev. A.D. Foster, designer and builder of the religious symbol wall piece. With him is Ms. Donna Mower, church secretary.

Standing At The Entrance . . . of the new sanctuary of First Church of the Nazarene at Twenty-sixth Street and Avenue A, is the Rev. A.D. Foster. The pastor and his family, the members and visitors will enter the church Sunday in units to worship…

Snow, especially on the roof of the new First Church of the Nazarene sanctuary, is slowing its completion. Even so, an early spring completion is still their goal. As soon as the roof of the structure is again free of snow, volunteers of the…

Construction of the new sanctuary of First Church of the Nazarene, Twenty-sixth Street and Avenue A, is well under way. A construction crane this week put arches and purlins in place which will support the roof. The Rev. A.D. Foster, pastor of the…

First Church of the Nazarene . . . and its adjoining properties extend a half of the block west from the church proper. Building plans are now underway to replace the church itself with a new edifice and ample Christian Education facilities. Many of…

Looking Over Music . . . are the Rev. David F. Hall, Harry Elliot, sixth grade student and a member of the church orchestra, Norris Teague, and Mrs. Vera Durick, a senior member of the First Nazarene instrumental group.

Late in the fall of 1914 a small, independent religious group was sharing with other denominational bodies the Union City mission as a place to worship.
The group invited Rev. R.W. Leisher, Cincinnati, O., to conduct a series of evangelistic…

Remodeled First Church of the Nazarene . . . shows the newly constructed entry way and educational unit which was begun in 1946.

First Nazarene Church . . . had its beginning in a tent on the grounds now occupied by Thomas Jefferson High School.
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