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Top: Mrs. Duane Bogardus of Council Bluffs and the Rev. David McCalmont prepare to burn the mortgage for the First Presbyterian Church sanctuary. The mortgage will be burned Sunday during festivities marking the church's 130th…

Reminiscing As They Look At An Old Picture . . . of First United Presbyterian Church are Harry C. Crowl, longtime member; the Rev. Robert C. Bowman, the Rev. Dr. Howard Dooley, both former pastors, and the Rev. H. David McCalmont, current pastor.

First United Presbyterian Church, 634 Willow Ave. is doomed for destruction. The Rev. David McCalmont, pastor of the church is standing at its front entrance which has not been used for the past month. The congregation voted unanimously Sunday to…

Know Your Scenes: This 92-year-old bell has tolled the glory of God, the call to school, and the justice of American government. Its booming peals were so loud it was retired to a life of silence in 1951. Then it was stored at a construction company…

Reading Centennial Booklet . . . are four ministers who have served First Presbyterian Church here. They are C. Carson Bransby, Paul Calhoun, Frederick W. Evans and Howard B. Dooley, present pastor.

New Educational Unit - This buff-brick educational unit will be dedicated by the First Presbyterian Church next Sunday, Sept. 18. It will be open for public inspection from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The new unit, costing about $225,000, faces on Willow…

Breaking Ground . . . for the new First Presbyterian building is Miss Margaret Nicoll, second from right, a member of the church for over 60 years. Church group representatives are: Harry Crowl, Joe W. Smith, Miss Betty Kulisek, Mrs. Clinton Gross…

Looking Over Plans . . . for First Presbyterian Church addition are the Rev. Howard B. Dooley, Joe W. Smith, Robert R. O'Brien and Norman E. Nygaard.

Police Sgt. F.L. Foster . . . examines secretary's desk, which has been ransacked at First Presbyterian church.

In August of 1856 a steamboat which came up the Missouri river carried Rev. John Hancock, who became the first pastor of the First Presbyterian church; Thomas Officer, one of the church's first elders; James B. Rue and Cinncinnatus W. Boyers.
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