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Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Broadway west from Scott St. took on a drab look the first week of April 1952. The city threatened by Missouri River flooding, sandbags wallowed hog-like in the center of the business district. Nearly all business…

If 1952 Flood Happened This Year . . . this chart, prepared by the U.S. Corps of Engineers, shows what would happen at Council Bluffs if the Missouri River flood of April 1952 were to happen today. Because Fort Randall is now impounding water, the…

First Harnessing of Missouri River . . . in South Dakota was completed this year at Fort Randall Dam. All Missouri River water is now flowing through tubes in main embankment at left. Closure section built this year is at center. - Army Photo

Invading the Missouri River . . . near Pierre, S.D., is Oahe Dam, now 5 percent complete. Pyramid of earth in upper center is completed 1,500-foot section of dam. Sheet pile cut-off wall shown being driven in trench to right of square embankment…

Evacuation traffic in downtown Council Bluffs

Peeling potatoes for the troops

Sandbags along the levee in Council Bluffs

Aerial view of a secondary levee, one-half mile below the primary North levee in Council Bluffs. It is 1.75 miles long, built over 28 sets of railroad tracks and was constructed in just 2.5 days.

Sandbags and lumber along the Missouri River

Army trucks and sand trucks on the street
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