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A human chain passes sandbags along at the North Levee in Council Bluffs.

One of the great worries of the flood was sandboils, caused by water seeping under the levees and breaking through the earth behind them. Sandboils near the Douglas Street bridge on the Iowa side are ringed with sandbags.

Council Bluffs, Iowa . . . Red Cross nurse, Mrs. Helen Kruml, Council Bluffs, takes the pulse and temperature of flood victim Lawrence Jaco, Council Bluffs, at Washington School, which is now serving as a Red Cross emergency shelter. Approximately…

Council Bluffs, Iowa - - Red Cross canteens served thousands of sandwiches daily to workers on the dikes north of this flood threatened city. Here, a canteen furnished by the St. Louis, Missouri Chapter of the Red Cross, provides coffee and…

Council Bluffs, Iowa . . . Red Cross nurse Mrs. Helen Kruml, of Council Bluffs, takes time out from her numerous medical duties to amuse a young flood victim, Elinor Montgomery, in front of an Indian statue at Washington School, which is now a Red…

Council Bluffs, Iowa - - Making sure that childred in evacuation shelters remained in good health was the responsibility of the nursing staff assigned to evacuation shelters during the Council Bluffs flood threat. Red Cross nurse Mrs. Gene Barnett,…

Council Bluffs, Iowa . . . Red Cross nurse Mrs. Helen Kruml of Council Bluffs, feeds a bottle of milk to Janice Collier, Council Bluffs at Washington School, which is now serving as a Red Cross emergency shelter. Approximately 195 flood victims are…

Piers for a new highway bridge usually standing on dry ground were subjected to torrents of Missouri River water during the flood.

What was once a peaceful farm scene is now a picture of destruction as the Missouri River flooded this farm north of Omaha.

Safe from the threatening reach of the flooding Missouri river, these people who evacuated their homes as flood waters climbed to a new crest sleep soundly at the Red Cross shelter in the Abraham Lincoln High School.

Reinforcing a door in preparation for Missouri River flooding
April 1952

Axtell Chevrolet Co. readies for flood waters
April 1952

Mayor James Mulqueen raising the flag at the 1952 Flood Volunteer Memorial

Levee breach on the Missouri River
April 1952

North Levee, Council Bluffs, IA
April 1952

Misplaced beaver near the Missouri River

Sandbags protecting Howard Plastics
April 1952

Power line repair
April 1952

Deserted railroad tracks
April 1952

A soldier and his dog taking a break
April 1952
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