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Changing_Scene_3_3_1957_014.jpg would never know the creek still existed from this view at Ninth Street. The creek channel is encased in concrete through the main part of the city., And its top is used as street. [sic] The creek project was complete as a WPA project…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--This is how Indian Creek looked in 1914, when it ran through Council Bluffs as an open ditch. The creek was high and full of trash when this photograph was taken at the bridge on Ninth Street, between Broadway and…

Today...while Indian Creek is covered and runs within concrete walls, the bridge at Frank St. is the same as for the past 50 years. The houses and garage at right are the same. Only the trees have changed. The old picture was identified and dated…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--About 50 years ago, the old wooden bridge across an open Indian Creek at Frank St. was being replaced with a "modern" concrete bridge. Here is an old photo that's been in the Jeff Brunow family for many years.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--On De. 15, 1908, it was Omaha Day at the National Horticultural Congress being held at the Council Bluffs Auditorium. Note the autos of those day, the wooden bridge across Indian Creek, at right, and fancy trim on the…

Indian Creek . . . reflects little activity from the spring thaw. Here, at Second Ave., only a shallow stream cuts a path through ice and snow.

Hold It, Mr. can't jump out of Indian Creek. The deer and his companion find this out as they get an escorted tour through the creek and out of town. A pair of unidentified hersdmen help show the way.

January 2000 Historical Society newsletter.

Indian Creek postcard

Indian Creek I535a.tif
Photograph of Indian Creek east of North 3rd.

Indian Creek I535e.tif
Photograph of Indian Creek Channel Construction, Ground Breaking, March 2, 1936. George Steinberg (with shovel) and Sam Green (identified by X).

Indian Creek I535f.tif
Indian Creek Construction, Ground breaking, March 2, 1936. George Steinberg (with shovel) adn Sam Green (identified by X)

The meandering deer wandered into town late in the afternoon and wound up in Indian Creek near Sixth Avenue.
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