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A letter to Amelia Bloomer from J.S. Loomis, Independence, Iowa. Writes to tell Mrs. Bloomer that Joseph A. Dugdale of Mt. Pleasant has contacted him re: a state suffrage convention in Mount Pleasant. Writer suggests that any suffrage convention…

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from Ewing and Sara F. Summers, West Liberty, Iowa. The Summers' offer their willingness to help canvas Iowa on behalf of women's suffrage, and to add their names to any call for a state suffrage convention.

A letter written to Amelia Bloomer from Annie Savery, Des Moines. The writer notes Mrs. Bloomer's illness, then asks that she deliver her "Woman Suffrage" lecture before the Iowa Legislature.

A letter written to Amelia Bloomer from Mrs. A.D. Davidson, Monticello, Iowa. Mrs. Davidson expresses the opinion that there should be a state convention, and names several men who might be considered to speak on behalf of women's suffrage.
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