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"Line Handling Detail." Tying up at the wharf are these three coast guardsmen. "You have to handle the line smartly or you may find yourself in the 'drinker' or minus a thumb," comments Gretzer.

"Hoisting the Boats." Coast guardsmen are depicted swinging a ship's boat onto the chocks.

"Off Watch Below Deck," depicts a typical below-deck scene aboard ship. Off duty, these crewmen write home, mend socks and clothing, and catch up on sleep.

"Greeting the Dawn." Coast guardsmen see a new dawn break over the sea. "Dawn always give you a wonderful feeling of relief," says Gretzer, "because it relieves you of the fear of something happening before you see it."

"Wounded." Transfer of a wounded man from a landing barge to a coast guard manned transport. It was sketched off Salerno, which Gretzer said was the roughest of invasions, as far as the men were concerned.

"Unloading Under Fire." Working in heavy seas, coast guardsmen are shown unloading tins of high test gasoline. Other landing barges await nearby, as operations under fire continue.

"Fire Control," a study of a U.S. coast guardsman on fire control duty aboard ship. The fire control man wears colored glasses to enable him to look into the sun and identify approaching planes.

"Mediterranean Port Scene," says Gretzer, is a typical view of an unnamed Mediterranean port where American fighters and transports give up the bulk from their cavernous holds.

"Beach Party," A beach party from a coast guard-manned combat transport is shown entering an invasion barge. Once ashore, the beach party will set up ship-to-shore communications and help in unloading the barges.

"Self Portrait." Gretzer made this sketch of himself at the wheel of a landing barge. He took part in the invasions of North Africa, Sicily and Italy. Combat artists, like Gretzer, are first of all fighting men. At sea his station was at a 20 mm.…

Mary Louise Dunshee, 17, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Max S. Dunshee, and John Gretzer, 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Gretzer, have the leading rolls in the play "Big-Hearted Herbert," which is being presented in the Abraham Lincoln high school auditorium…
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