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Today...the park that once was the playground for thousands of Southwest Iowans is now a residential area. This photo looks southeast along the row of cottages that face the north shore of the lake, where the amusement buildings once stood. Only…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Back in the gay 90s, when Manawa Park was in full swing, this eating and dancing pavilion was on the north shore of the lake. At that time women wore long full dresses and the men wore stiff hats.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--The Hagenbeck circus elephants attract a lot of attention back in 1905 as they are being watered along the north shore of Lake Manawa, just west of the park area. At that time, the lake was a popular resort spot for…

Today...the lake is still one of the most popular in Iowa. The north shore where the park, board walk and docks once stood, is now built up to private homes and docks. This picture was taken looking east from the Elks County Club docks. The lake…

Photograph of a view across Lake Manawa.

Photograph of Hotel Manawa. Twenty-four rooms. Burned down in 1894.


Brittle fingers that in summer hold a lcoak of green leaves belong to this row of trees at Lake Manawa. As the Picnic tables huddle against the trees as if for warmth, the dull winter sun filters its way through a lacework of branches. Clouds hold…

Limbs And Twigs...weave an intricate pattern against the backlight of a winter sun on the frozen expanse of Lake Manawa. Forecasters say temperatures Tuesday and Wednesday should take the edge off the deep freeze the Council Bluffs area has been…

The May sun was hot, the temperature almost 90 when one-year-old Martin McMurray hit the beach at Lake Manawa. Mustering up his courage for a quick dip he promptly lost his dinner. Nobody seemed to mind, he thought, so with the help of his mom,…

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Postcard. Lake Manawa State Park. Located South of Council Bluffs, Iowa. Consists of 630 acres of water and 150 acres of park, for picnicking, boating, swimming, and camping.

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Postcard. Council Bluffs Rowing Association Club House, Lake Manawa, Iowa.

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Postcard. Park View and Pavilion, Lake Manawa.

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Postcard. Yachting, Lake Manawa, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Stretching toward a lost horizon, ice locked Lake Manawa reflects a dying December sunset in this view from the northeast shore. Half shrouded by the cold gloom, deserted Campbell's boat dock waits in vain for fair weather fishermen to come and…

Work of laying the big four-foot concrete pipe that will eventually connect Mosquito Creek with Lake Manawa is now under way. Workmen for Larsen Brothers, contractors, lower the second 10-foot long, five-ton section of pipe into place. The project…

Taking aim at a duck over Lake Manawa Saturday--opening day of the 1957 season--is Tom Hoden of 2630 S. 15th St. He found shooting from shore rather slow, but comfortable. It was shirt-sleeve weather and slightly overcast for the first time in more…

Hundreds of persons daily find the receded shoreline at Lake Manawa a good place to relax and enjoy the beauties of nature. Especially during the evening hours, many fishermen drive right down to the water's edge. Here a lone fisherman holds down a…

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