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A new county ambulance went into service Friday and one of its first stops was City Hall where Mayor Joseph Katelman gave it a personal inspection. The new unit is box shaped giving attendants more working room. It will hold up to four patients.…

Ak-Sar-Ben buys Douglas Street Bridge. June 20, 1938
Bridge bill offered as compromise. May 3, 1939
Advice from across the river. May 4, 1939
New sign identifies city. May 26, 1939
100,000 witness bridge dedication. September 25, 1947

Joe Katelman and Pete Pakey at Ak Bridge

Before reopening . . . of Ak-Sar-Ben Bridge, Mayor Joseph Katelman and Manager Pete Pakey view barrel barricades at Douglas Street approach to the old span. At left, autos climb the Interstate-480 Bridge ramp. -- Nonpareil Photo.
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