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Calling a 911 dispatcher . . . from a corridor at Mercy Hospital are emergency medical technicians Robert McKeighan and Stanley Miller. --Nonpareil Photo.

Receiving a message . . . on a new high frequency two-way radio system at jennie Edmundson Hospital is Mrs. Rita Pierson, supervisor of the hospital's emergency room. She is talking directly to a technician from a Southwest Iowa ambulance en route to…

Five postcards depicting Mercy Hospital.

Hospitals S733f Mercy.tif
Photograph of St. Bernard's Hospital in 1890 and Mercy Hospital in 1902.

Too much love...from his brother sent Eugene Adkins of Little Sioux, front, to Mercy Hospital with a fractured leg. He joined Brian Jacobsen of 39 Happy Happy Hollow Blvd., who slipped on a rug and fractured his leg.
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