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Littering the boat ramp . . . are a number of pilings that have been pulled out of the lake by DeSoto Refuge employe[e]s. Refuge officials say the lake has quite a lot of drift that could be dangerous to boaters. Jerry Jauron, an Iowa river official,…

Now ice bound . . . this section of the Missouri River will become a part of the DeSoto Ben Lake after a new river channel is cut by Army Engineers. Timbered area to right will become a wildlife refuge. --Nonpareil Photo.

Looking north . . .across the Ox Bow Lake proposal. Dotted line at lower left indicates the approximate course the Missouri River channel would take. Land area in center would became wildlife refuge. Sealed off river loop would become a lake.

Jim Frates . . . manager of DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge, demonstrates giant bellows removed from the hull of the steamship Bertrand. Frates said the bellows were used to created extra heat in the boilers of the vessel, which sank more than 100…

New beach area : Swimmers or sunbathers will find a new 1,000-foot sandy beach ready for them this summer at DeSoto Bend National Wildlife Refuge west of Missouri Valley. The swimming area has been relocated to the inside of the bend southeast of the…

Bathhouse . . . at the new swimming beach is constructed and panel siding provides changing areas and toilets for both men and women. The structure faces north and also houses a well which furnishes drinking water. Just south of the bathhouse is a…

A sound plan at DeSoto Bend. (May 5)
By Otto Knauth. The DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge lake will be reopened . . . No date.
By Otto Knauth. Iowa turned down an "informal proposal" . . . No date.
By Otto Knauth. Should Iowa’s DeSoto National…

De Soto Nat'l Wildlife Refuge #2 - 1980's (-1990's)
Upset over treatment of DeSoto. No date.
Avian cholera outbreak claims 2,300 birds at DeSoto refuge. January 13, 1980
DeSoto planning to burn fields. March 30, 1980
To exhibit Bertrand…

Accidents. Car, boat. 1989-1990
C.B. driver injured when car hits backhoe. No date
Road work blames for I-80 pileups. May 5, 1989
C.B. accident victim's condition improvising. June 7, 1989
Boat propeller strikes woman, breaks legs. June 21,…

Railroads M577.tif
Photograph of Missouri Valley, Iowa. Looking west from windmill. July 1, 1882.
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