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Tank farm south of Council Bluffs, flooded by Mosquito Creek

Mosquito Creek in foreground, showing levee break into gasoline tanks farm.

1-Simons Print - 1st Grist Mill.tif
First Grist Mill in Pott County built by S E ... for Pott tribe of Indians, located on Mosquito Creek, afterwards known as Parks Mill. Sketches in 1854. Rebuilt in 1852.

Overturned bottom of Mosquito Creek. It skidded off the road which goes under the railroad trestle.

Work of laying the big four-foot concrete pipe that will eventually connect Mosquito Creek with Lake Manawa is now under way. Workmen for Larsen Brothers, contractors, lower the second 10-foot long, five-ton section of pipe into place. The project…

Railroads C497a.tif
Photograph of C.G.W. Railroad Grade at Little Mosquito Creek in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Simons M828.tif
George Simons drawing. Mormon camping ground on Mosquito creek, near Park's Mill, at annual conference.

Floods M677.tiff
Photograph showing Mosquito Creek overflow. Road to Quick, IA near Council Bluffs.
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