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Today...alongside the Ogden Hotel stands a modern version of the taxis that ply the streets of the city, with traffic patrolman J.P. Tighe standing in just for the picture. Cab driver is Robert Hettinger, 2837 S. 7th St.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--A "taxi" of 75 years ago, more commonly known as a hack or one-seated coupe, was pictured alongside the Ogden Hotel. The hack was owned and operated by the Wm. Welch Transfer Company with offices in the Ogden. The…

Today...the building occupies the same site, but the name has been changed to Ogden Hotel. Its appearance has changed considerably. Part of the fourth floor was burned by a fire in 1871 and the rest of the building has been remodeled. The building…

Clara Arnold's School527.tif
23 color slides of the interior and exterior of the Ogden Hotel. Taken from June, 1966 to July, 1967.

Ogden Hotel.tif
Four photographs of the Ogden Hotel Building - Southeast corner of Park Ave and Broadway. One photo of Ogden Hotel site.

Hotels O334b.tif
Reproduction of a photograph of the exterior of the Ogden Hotel.

Aerial C686.tif
Bird's eye view of business section. Shows Old Ogden Hotel in left foreground and Old High School in background
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