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Today...there is a trimmer, cleaner look in contrast to the 53-year-old photo. A new building houses the Council Bluffs Savings Bank, and at right is the new State Savings Bank. Other new buildings behind them were rebuilt after the Grand Hotel…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene: This is the Grand Hotel, as it is pictured on a postcard dated 1915. The hotel burned in 1925, along with several other buildings in the 100 block on Pearl St. This picture is from a postal card collection of Arthur…

Today...Pearl Street has taken on a modern appearance. Note the new bank building, new store fronts, streamlined automobiles, parking meters and modern street lights.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--This is Pearl Street, looking north from near the Hotel Chieftain in 1936. Streetcars were still running and the Council Bluffs Savings Bank building towered above other Pearl Street structures. The picture was made…

Today...the same area reveals a lot of changes. The Public Library is surrounded with nice shade trees and automobiles replace the streetcars and horse drawn wagon. And new buildings have been added. The five-story structure is the Park building. …

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Taken from a postcard, dated 1908, this scene looks north on Pearl Street. At left is the Free Public Library. At right is the old Merriam block. Beno's store is in the distant center and a streetcar is midway up the…

Today...the same section of Pearl Street, with many noticeable changes during the past 26 years. At left, The Nonpareil building replaces the old one following a fire. Trees in the older picture have since grown up and been removed.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Just 26 years ago this month Pearl Street, along the east side of Bayliss Park, looked like this following a storm that brought wind, hail, and rain. Broken branches littered the street, while hail whitened the ground.…

Today...Council Bluffs City Hall, built in 1940, now occupies the same site. Changed very little in the last 14 years, the building was built by the Works Progress Administration at a cost of slightly over $300,000.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--From 1860-1888 St. Francis Xavier Church was located on Pearl St. just South of Willow Ave. This later became the site of the Miriam Block, which was removed in the late 1940s.

In 1887, the junction of Main and Pearl Streets looked like this. The little building that looks like a popcorn stand was the city scales. There were hitching posts along the streets and all wiring was suspended on cross-arm poles. There were…

Photograph of Pearl Street from Broadway. West side. New State Savings Bank building built on this corner in 1946.

Photograph of junction of Main and Pearl Streets. North view from present Hay Market Square.

Christmas lights and snow deck downtown Broadway in jewels and ermine in this cold scene looking west from Pearl Street. The camera captured the setting with a time exposure shot Tuesday evening. Nonpareil photo by Jack Kennedy.

Photograph of Pearl Street, looking south.

After The Last Tree Was Felled Wednesday...the causes damage were removed, and citizens got a new view. Younger trees, growing well within the park sidewalks, are expected to branch out rapidly and replace the ones that were dropped.

Two weeks ago huge elms lined Bayliss Park along Pearl Street, cutting off the view to the north. They were 70 feet high and hung over the curb. Some were considered dangerous. After two minor damage claims were filed against the city by people…

Postcard of Pearl Street looking North from Bayliss Park.

Streets P437b.tif
Postcard of Pearl Street, looking north from the Council Bluffs Public Library.
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