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Before the Board of Supervisors . . . are attorney Lyle Rodenburg (right) and his clients, Phil and Margaret Sherbon. Rodenburg and attorney Matt Walsh, who is representing Cheryl Lary, asked and received a delay of the hearing that will determine…

Since 1903 . . .this many widowed brick building near McClelland has served as the Pottawattamie County Home for the Aged. This is a view of the main entrance.

Under investigation . . . is the Pottawattamie County Care Facility. A complain was recently made to the County Board of Supervisors about alleged misconduct by some of the facility's employees, including mistreatment of residents at the facility.…

The Pottawattmie County Home . . . has been called "home" by the Merle Rutledge family for 12 years. The Rutledges, managers of the home, care for the home's 36 patients and its 320-acre farm. Among their many duties as managers us to provide…

Steve Chapman and Randy Teegarden, from Meyer Funeral Home, work Friday to unearth a body buried on the grounds of the Pottawattamie County Care Facility near McClelland. -- Nonpareil photo by Steve Glowacki

Passing idle hours . . . with old tunes played on a yellowed keyboard are Alex Feblowitz (seated), Monte Miller, and Adolph Gress.

The County Home . . . near McClelland is located on 240 acres of land. The main building faces west. -- Nonpareil photo.
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