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Today...there is hardly any comparison with the 70-year-old picture. Pearl and Broadway has a different look, with the State Savings Bank building taking up the biggest share of the picture. Gone are the horses, streetcars, and even the old trees…

Today...the State Savings Bank occupies the Shoe House site and that of several other stores that were removed from the old Everett Block in 1946. The bank building was opened in 1947. The Wickham Building is at upper right.

Today...the new State Savings Bank building stands at the 521 W. Broadway location., Built during 1946 it opened in early 1947.

Today...the same St. Peter's Church spire still stands, but the other buildings have either been rebuilt or remodeled. And this area now has modern mercury vapor lights. Beno's store occupies the old Pacific House site. Two new banks have been…

Christmas lights and snow deck downtown Broadway in jewels and ermine in this cold scene looking west from Pearl Street. The camera captured the setting with a time exposure shot Tuesday evening. Nonpareil photo by Jack Kennedy.
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