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Today...a few buildings remain the same as in the 1918 photo. For the most part, however, remodeling and new buildings have kept up with the times.

Broadway looking east from 700 block. Among businesses pictured: Strand Theater, Liberty Theater, Wickham Building. ca 1960?

Fire Department Strand Theater.tif
Photographs of a fire at the Strand Theater.

In 1951, firefighters had to inspect the theater front's terra cotta decorations after several chunks of concrete toppled to the sidewalks, narrowly missing pedestrians.

Theaters S773b.tif
Photograph of the Strand Theater. Destroyed by fire Dec. 1974.

Theaters S773a.tif
Reproduction of a photograph of the exterior of the Strand Theater.

504 W Broadway (2).tif
504 West Broadway. West of Main St. Strand Theater, J.C. Penny.

August/September 2014 Historical Society newsletter.
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