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Today...most of the building at right, formerly World Radio Laboratories, has been burned out. The corner drugstore is being remodeled to make room for the Broadway Viaduct, which will begin at Eighth St. Far down Broadway all buildings have been…

Reviewing The "Success" . . . of their ventures are Leo I. Meyerson, L.A. Caster and George William Miller.

Tightening Case . . . on a test model of "Pocketphone" is roger Mace, vice president in charge of engineering for Globe Electronics.

On The Assembly Line . . . at Globe Electronics, Owen Meyerson and Leo Myerson show George William Miller a new-type radio broadcasting set which can be used by untrained operations.

Fire Fighters - World Radio 1-4-1954.tif
World Radio Laboratories building at 738-44 West Broadway.

Postcard of WOGFQ radio. World Radio Laboratories, WRL, was a major supplier of amateur radio equipment from the 1950s to the 1970s. WRL was located in Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA,and run by Leo Meyerson (W0GFQ) and his family.
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