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Aerial C832 (6).tif
Aerial photograph of an industrial site


Aerial C832 (5).tif
Aerial photograph of the Vergaminles Addition off Grand Ave.

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Aerial C832 (4).tif
Aerial photograph of Big Lake

Aerial C832 (3).tif
Aerial photograph of East Side Jr. High School

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Aerial C832 (2).tif
Aerial photograph of a powerplant

Aerial B573c.tif
Magazine reproduction of a photograph of Council Bluffs (Iowa), date unknown. Printed at bottom of image: "Birdseye View of Council Bluffs. Photo by Leighton-Valentine Co.

Aerial Playland.tif
Four aerial photographs of Playland Park

Three postcards of bird's eye view of Council Bluffs from Fairmont Park.

Three postcards of airplane views of Council Bluffs.

Aerial photograph of Lake Manawa.

Aerial photograph of Lake Manawa

Aerial view of Lake Manawa

Aerial O947b.tif
Aerial photograph of downtown Council Bluffs

Aerial O947a.tif
Aerial photograph looking over Council Bluffs from Fairmount Park Hill.

Floods M577b.tiff
Photograph of the Missouri River overflowing its banks. Taken from Motor bridge, April 14, 1897.

Malls M535b.tif
Photograph of the Midlands Mall in Council Bluffs, IA. 1979, view of Broadway and Broadway Methodist Church (looking east, taken from top of First Federal Building).

Floods F566v.tiff
Seven aerial photographs of the Missouri flood of 1952

Floods F566w.tiff

Aerial photograph of flooding north of Council Bluffs

Aerial C686.tif
Bird's eye view of business section. Shows Old Ogden Hotel in left foreground and Old High School in background
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