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8 Photographs. Civil Air Patrol. Council Bluffs Squadron. Group photograph by Howard Shortley. Members not identified.

Tugging the air giant. . . over plywood paths is a huge wrecker using cable and crane. A crewman helps direct the operation from the cockpit window. -- Nonpareil Photo.

Airport commission members. . .Nick Sulentic, Howard Shortley Sr. and David Stuart discuss the new hangar planned here. -- Nonapreil Photos

Climbing aboard . . .for a practice flight at the Council Bluffs Airport is flight instructor Harry Dirgo. -- Nonpareil Photo.

Testing radio . . .at municipal airport are Harry McCandless and John Spalti. -Nonpareil Photo.

Airport Council Bluffs, before 1965
Work goes forward at hangars on Council Bluffs' new airfield. March 25, 1928
Council Bluffs airport map. May 4, 1928
Twenty-nine study flying. May 29, 1928
Aero club will have open house. May 29, 1928
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Airplane accidents
Crash victims from Illinois. August 30, 1982
Rural area is site of earlier plane crashes. August 30, 1982
No indication' of crash cause. August 31, 1982
Council Bluffs pilot makes forced landing near D.M. July 30, 1984

12 photographs showing various airplanes and airplane hangars. Includes airplanes of Omaha Airways, Inc. and the Omaha Legion Airport.

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Photograph of airplanes and hanger at the Council Bluffs Airport.

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Photograph of airplanes and hanger at the Council Bluffs Airport.