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Council Bluffs Municipal Airport aerial view

Council Bluffs Municipal Airport aerial view

Airport arrow : A group of Council Bluffs pilots decided to brighten up the airport south of the city limits. The first step was to post a sign where the airport road leaves Highway 192. Marvin Suvalsky holds one end while Richard Phillips and his…

Tugging the air giant. . . over plywood paths is a huge wrecker using cable and crane. A crewman helps direct the operation from the cockpit window. -- Nonpareil Photo.

Airport commission members. . .Nick Sulentic, Howard Shortley Sr. and David Stuart discuss the new hangar planned here. -- Nonapreil Photos

Testing radio . . .at municipal airport are Harry McCandless and John Spalti. -Nonpareil Photo.

At the Council Bluffs Municipal Airport, planes are already moving into a new hangar that is 95 percent complete. The only work remaining is the floor construction. Temporary housing accommodations were set up for the aircraft during a spell of wet…

Airport Council Bluffs, before 1965
Work goes forward at hangars on Council Bluffs' new airfield. March 25, 1928
Council Bluffs airport map. May 4, 1928
Twenty-nine study flying. May 29, 1928
Aero club will have open house. May 29, 1928
Here are…
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