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Floods s767a.tiff
Photograph of car damaged by fallen tree. Behind the Ogden hotel.

Dodge, G G464c.tif
Photograph of Grenville M. Dodge at the controls of an electrical car.

Agriculture C 437.tif
Photograph of the Charley Johnson Farm

Parking lot Vine.tif
Four photographs of public parking lot at Vine and Bryant

10 N 37th ST.tif
2 photos of 10 North 37th St.

330 - 332 W Broadway.tif
Two photographs of 300 - 332 West Broadway

202 - 210  W Broadway.tif
Two photographs of 202 - 210 West Broadway

304 W Broadway.tif
Two photographs of 304 West Broadway - Council Bluffs.

Photograph of J. F. Wilcox & Sons Inc. parade float.