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Fire Department McAtees Better Foods.tif
Photograph of a fire at McAtees Better Foods in Council Bluffs.

Fire Department Howard Plastics 15th & S. Main May 1962.tif
Photograph of Howard Plastics fire at 15th and S. Main.

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Fire Department 10-2-1940 Broadway Cleaners 125 Broadway.tif
Photography of a fire at Broadway Cleaners

Fire Department Kirn Jr High 1976 (2).tif
A photography of a fire at Kirn Jr. High School.

Fire Department  1010 5th Ave 1971.tif
Firefighters near truck at house fire - 1010 5th Avenue.

Nuzum, R. Brown, DiBlasi, Lidgett, Foster, Chief Elgan, Holly, D. DeVine, Rutledge, and Koening.

Johnson, Hassler, Bronson and Nuzum treated at hospital for heat exhaustion and released.

Fire Department Strand Theater.tif
Photographs of a fire at the Strand Theater.

Fire Department Grand Hotel 1925.tif
Photographs of the Grand Hotel fire.

Fire Department Elder Court 1972.tif
Photographs of the Elder Court fire.

Fire Fighters - Woodbinie fire 1-8-1958.tif
Destroyed building housing the Sorey Bros. Construction Co. and the Fontenelle Frames and Upholstery Co. located along Highway 30 at the edge of Woodbine.

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Fire Fighters - Smith Machine Shop Fire 7-18-1966.tif
Remains of Machine Shop as viewed by manager William Barrett.

653 Franklin Ave.

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Fire Fighters - Raven Feed Plant 4-30-1959.tif
Fire destroyed the Raven Feed Co. plant and offices at 1215 W. Broadway

Fire Fighters - Persia Fire 10-31-1957.tif
Photograph of fire damage. Persia, IA.

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Fire Fighters - Home of Robert & Clifford Schultz families, Rte 4 , 4 mi North of C.B..tif
Fire on Route 4, 4 miles North of Council Bluffs near Crescent.

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Fire Fighters - Girl Scout Office 8-8-1962.tif
City fire inspector Jim Burke and a neighborhood girl, Sherl Cox, survey the interior of the Girl Scout house.

Fire Fighters - fire at U.S. Oil Works 8-9-1962.tif
Column of black smoke rises from the site of an explosion and fire at the United Sates Oil Works, 116 Twenty-ninth Ave. Andre Beltran, 28, died in the blast.

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Fire Fighters - Fire at Bergstrom Woodworking Plant 11-27-1962.tif
Fire Capt. Earl J. Hansen is taken to an ambulance at fire scene.

The Bergstrom Woodworking Co. plant, 110 S. 18th St. was destroyed by fire.

Fire Fighters - Elder Court Apartments 1-14-1972 (2).tif
Photographs of the Elder Court Apartments fire

Fire Fighters - Brown Shoe Fit Fiire 3-25-1957.tif
Photographs of fire at Brown's Shoe Fit Co., 413 W. Broadway.

Fire Fighters - Blue Star & Continental Kellar Warehouse 10-21-1952 (2).tif
Five photos of the Blue Star & Continental Kellar Warehouse Fire
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