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Fire Fighters - Fire at Bergstrom Woodworking Plant 11-27-1962.tif
Fire Capt. Earl J. Hansen is taken to an ambulance at fire scene.

The Bergstrom Woodworking Co. plant, 110 S. 18th St. was destroyed by fire.

Fire Fighters - Elder Court Apartments 1-14-1972 (2).tif
Photographs of the Elder Court Apartments fire

Fire Fighters - Brown Shoe Fit Fiire 3-25-1957.tif
Photographs of fire at Brown's Shoe Fit Co., 413 W. Broadway.

Fire Fighters - Blue Star & Continental Kellar Warehouse 10-21-1952 (2).tif
Five photos of the Blue Star & Continental Kellar Warehouse Fire

Fire Fighters - 275 Club 1-1-1972.tif
Pouring water into the ruins of the 275 Club, 1030 W. South Omaha Bridge Road, are Council Bluffs firefighter and the snorkel unit.
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