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One of the two greenhouse plants operated by Fred L. Lainson is at Ninth Avenue and Twenty-ninth Street. It has 100,000 square feet of glass. A partial view is shown above.

Specializing in sweet peas and snapdragons, C. E. Hinman operates four greenhouses (above) on McPherson Avenue. The plant has been in operation for four years.

Eighty-five thousand square feet of glass make up the greenhouses operated by John T. Walton, 500 North Twenty-sixth street. Shown above, the Walton greenhouses were formerly the Reams plant. The transfer of the property by sale was by the Harry C.…

Frank L. Lainson, wholesale and retail florist, operates two separate plants. The above is a section of the one on Canning street, which has 150,000 square feet of glass.

The Frank Hecht nursery is one of the beauty spots of Council Bluffs. Twenty years ago the tract on which the nursery is located consisted of brush-covered hills and trash-filled hollows. In the spring the hills about the nursery are covered with…

One mile east of Council Bluffs on highway No. 7 are to be found the greenhouses of George Wilcox and sons. Principal products of the plant are vegetables. There are five greenhouses.

This "ocean of glass" at 1132 East Pierce street represents fifty-four of the fifty-six greenhouses operated by J.F. Wilcox and sons. The business was established in 1867.

The two-story modern office building and a portion of the Henry Meyer Greenhouse, 3142 West Broadway, are shown above.

Today...Wilcox greenhouses on East Pierce St. cover more than a square block, range clear to the top of the hill and are quite well screened by large shade trees. Between the time of these two pictures, Pierce St. was paved twice.

When J.F Wilcox first started in the greenhouse business on East Pierce St., shortly before the turn of the century, this is how it looked. Only a few greenhouses and a large vineyard covered the east slope in the 1100 block.

Six postcards from Wilcox, Meneray, and Smith nurseries.

Wilcox J495e.tif
Photograph of J. F. Wilcox & Sons Inc. parade float.

Wilcox J495d.tif
Photograph of J. F. Wilcox & Sons Inc. parade float.

Wilcox J495c.tif
Photograph of J. F. Wilcox & Sons Inc. parade float

Wilcox J495k.tif
Photograph of the exterior of the J. F. Wilcox & Sons Inc. store at 521 West Broadway.

Wilcox J495a.tif
Photograph of J. F. Wilcox & Sons Inc. greenhouses.

Photograph of J. F. Wilcox greenhouses showing damage from a cyclone.

Wilcox J495b.tif
Photograph of the J. F. Wilcox & Sons Inc. greenhouses.
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