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Today...service stations are a common site [sic] in Council Bluffs. But the site of the original station at Seventh St. and Broadway has yielded to a super market parking lot and a cleaners' pickup station.

Today...the site of the old No. 4 fire barn, and four other buildings, is that of the Safeway Store. The 1888 picture, property of former Fire Chief J.N. Cochran, was turned up in the attic of Central Fire Station and now hangs among other old time…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--About 70 years ago at 529 South Main St. was the first of Holst & Appel, a combination grocery store and bar room, with Jacob Appel, proprietor. Jacob was the father of Bernie Appel, 223 Stutsman St., who turned up in…

Today...modern buildings, with auto parking space, are on the same corner. They are the Broadway Super Valu, at left, and Broadway Cleaners drivein. They are on the northwest corner of the intersection.
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