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WillowBluff3rdStreet Historic District_201212310849491766 (2).pdf
National Register of Historic Places Registration Form for Willow / Bluff / 3rd Street - Historic District in Council Bluffs. Includes descriptions of buildings and history.

Polk-McAvoy directory of Council Bluffs City Directory 1918.

Polk-McAvoy directory of Council Bluffs City Directory 1917.

Polk-McAvoy directory of Council Bluffs City Directory 1915.

Polk-McAvoy directory of Council Bluffs City Directory 1913.

Streets S688.tif
Photograph of South 8th street in Council Bluffs, looking south, showing sidewalk and houses.

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Streets C686.tif
Photograph of an unidentified street in Council Bluffs. Possibly 8th or 9th street looking east.

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Lincoln P747.tif
Photograph of Abraham Lincoln's house in Springfield, Illinois, draped in black after his assassination.

Houses T855.tif
Photograph of the Tulley House at 151 Park Avenue in Council Bluffs, Iowa.


Houses T466a.tif
Photograph of the home of Thomas Officer showing storm damage.

Houses B566.tif
Reproduction of a photograph from the Seneca Falls, NY Historical Society, showing the exterior of the Bloomer home in Seneca Falls.


Bridges U556f.tif
Photograph of Council Bluffs riverfront. Construction of Union Pacific bridge in background.

Aerial C832 (5).tif
Aerial photograph of the Vergaminles Addition off Grand Ave.

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10 N 15th.tif
Photograph of 10 North 15th St.


819 E Broadway.tif
Three photographs of 819 East Broadway

105 Bryant.tif
Two photographs of 105 Bryant - South of City Auditorium

260 Vine.tif
Two photographs of 260 Vine St. - Corner of Vine and Bryant.

256 Vine.tif
Three photographs of 256 Vine St.

250 Vine.tif
Two photographs of 250 Vine St.

248 Vine.tif
Two photographs of 248 Vine St.
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