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Bowman, Sherri
14 Hilltop Road
Miss Iowa, 1985

Below, some of the 23 ensembles the mall gathering saw.
[Sherri Bowman wearing swimsuit.]

Below, some of the 13 ensembles the mall gathering saw.
[Sherri Bowman wearing stirrup pants, belted plaid shirt, and blazer.]

Below, some of the 13 ensembles the mall gathering saw.
[Sherri Bowman wearing formal gown.]

Below, some of the 13 ensembles the mall gathering saw.
[Sherri Bowman wearing full skirt, belted shirt, and boots.]

Preparing for her final appearance in the trunk show, wearing the formal gown she'll wear Sept. 14, Bowman applies the finishing touches of make-up.

Gegttng in some runway practice, Bowman models an outfit for he Midlands Mall crowd.

Bowman gave the audience a chance to hear the Gershwin medley she'll be performing in the pageant, during Thursday of pageant week. The talent competition provides 50 percent of the points on which the contestants are judged.

Sherri Lane Bowman, Miss Iowa, 1985, signs autographs before her fashion show Thursday night at Midlands Mall. The show was a send-off for Bowman, who will leave Davenport for Atlantic City on Sept. 6. Nonpareil photo by Dan Koenig.

Playing The Piano...relaxes Sherri Bowman, but it also helped her win the Miss Southwest Iowa crown. She's already starting to plan for the piano solo she'll play in the Miss Iowa pageant next year.

Sherri Lane Bowman, the newly-crowned Miss Iowa, sits on her bed amidst congratulatory cards and letters and newspaper clippings. Bowman was home last week before heading out to her job as an "ambassador" for the state. Nonpareil photo by Steve…

Sherri Bowman, Miss Iowa for 1985, speaks Wednesday night to a crowd of about 50 that welcomed her home at a reception in Griswold, the town where she won the Miss Nishna Valley title that qualified her for the state pageant. Bowman, 24, of Council…

Contact sheet showing Sherri Bowman portraits, standing by Miss Iowa car, and sitting on bed reading greeting cards.

Contact sheet showing Sherri Bowman, Miss Iowa 1985, sitting on a chair, and at the piano

Contact sheet showing photos of Sherri Bowman at the piano, and sitting on a bed, reading greeting cards.

portrait photo of Sherri Bowman, later to become Miss Iowa 1985
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