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Parks B395c.tif
Photograph of Bayliss Park showing wind damage to trees.

Parks B395b.tif
Photograph of Bayliss Park showing wind damage to trees.

Parks B395i.tif
Photograph of the upper half of the original Bayliss Park Fountain.

Parks B395h.tif
Bayliss Park and Hotel Chieftain, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Parks B395j.tif

Photograph of the Bayliss Park Fountain in Council Bluffs (Iowa) - Council Bluffs Public Library and City Hall in the background.

Parks B395l.tif
Postcard. New fountain in Bayliss Square, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

A photograph of Bayliss Park in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Thirteen postcards depicting Bayliss Park.

Seven postcards depicting Bayliss Park.

Parks B395g.tif
Photograph of the Old Bayliss Park Fountain.

Parks B395n.tif
Photograph of the Old Bayliss Park Fountain.

Photographs of Council Bluffs taken from Fairmount Park

Five photographs of the construction of Dreamland Park at Lake Manawa.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Some 50 years ago, when this photo was taken, this old band stand was a popular part of Fairmount Park. It was located near the south entrance of the park, along the main drive. Thousands of persons attended the…

Parks C885.jpg
Postcard of the cut in Fairmount Park. Caption reads: "The Cut in Fairmount Park from High Bridge, Council Bluffs, IA."

De Soto Nat'l Wildlife Refuge #2 - 1980's (-1990's)
Upset over treatment of DeSoto. No date.
Avian cholera outbreak claims 2,300 birds at DeSoto refuge. January 13, 1980
DeSoto planning to burn fields. March 30, 1980
To exhibit Bertrand…

Parks D634a.tif
Photograph of men teeing off at the Dodge Park Golf Course. Club house in the background.

Parks D634b.tif
Photograph of four men playin golf at Dodge Park in Council Bluffs (Iowa).

Parks E587a.jpg
Postcard of the streetcar entrance to Fairmount Park.
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