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Bock, Charles C., Jr.
Air Force
Ex-C.B. Lancaster, CA
4/62 Chosen for astronaut training
See also: Allavie, Capt. John E.

Capt. Bock...moon flight possibility.
[Bock in pilot's gear, standing in front of Air Force plane]

Charlie Bock
Bluffs Native
Charles C. Bock, Jr., B-1 chief pilot
[Charles Bock in suit and tie, superimposed over pilot's helmet in background]

Capt. & Mrs. Charles Bock Jr. & family
June 1962

Airport arrow : A group of Council Bluffs pilots decided to brighten up the airport south of the city limits. The first step was to post a sign where the airport road leaves Highway 192. Marvin Suvalsky holds one end while Richard Phillips and his…

Airport Council Bluffs, before 1965
Work goes forward at hangars on Council Bluffs' new airfield. March 25, 1928
Council Bluffs airport map. May 4, 1928
Twenty-nine study flying. May 29, 1928
Aero club will have open house. May 29, 1928
Here are…
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