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Close-up phot of derailed railroad cars and damaged tracks.
On back of photo:
Train Crash

Fishtail evident in derailed cars of Overland Limited passenger train. Several hundred feet of train is damaged.

Scattered At fatal train wreck near Pacific Junction, empty coal cars of parked train lie jumbled with those of northbound train that hit it. Five units of the 100-car parked train and 12 of the 110-car northbound train derailed in the…

Tying up traffic on Burlinton Northern's northbound line, derailed cars block main track into Pacific Junction depot. A railroad spokesman said north-south traffic was b3ing routed onto another line but said damaged track should be back in service…

Paul Pace, 42, 2904 Renner Drive, Twin City Plaza, was admitted to Mercy Hospital early Wednesday afternoon after his station wagon and Burlington switch engine collided near Highway 192 and Thirty-second Avenue. The engine only passes the…

Tracks...were bent into half circle by the big engines as the plowed up several hundred yards of rails and ties.

Demolished Diesel Unit...lies on its side along Burlington Railroad at wreck scene. Nonpareil photo by Don Patton.

Weather beaten sign northwest of County Road G crossing tells motorists a railroad is 300 feet ahead and advises to "take no chances." This and and the usual x-shape railroad crosses are the only warning signs at the intersection. In background are…

Jutting McPaul derailment, this flat car didn't get into orbit Tuesday. Its load, polished slabs of granite, slid off, foreground. Other picture on page 5.

Parts Of The Road Grader...are scattered alongside the 100-car freight train with which it collided, causing the death of Delmar Schuning. The cab and chassis are in the foreground. The blade is at left. The rear wheels and engine are at the right.

A Huge Cleanup Job...faced Milwaukee work crews as they started removing wreckage of the 37-car derailment at the Mosquito Creek bridge near Persia. A section of the badly damaged bridge is visible in the center of the picture.
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