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Today...a shot from the same position as that used in the old photo gives this view of Iowa School for the Deaf. The academic building occupies about the same position as the old windmill and blocks the view of many of the other buildings on the…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--This is now the Iowa School for the Deaf looked before a fire in 1902 destroyed the administration building far left. Note the windmill in the foreground. This picture recently was uncovered among other old…

Today...the same location has taken on a different look. Where the Harris wood lot stood, a fill has been made to bring the playground of Washington School up to the old school, now removed. A part of the new school building shows at left.

Changing_Scene_1955_9_18_1955_069.jpg the same site is the present Longfellow School which replaced the old Twentieth Avenue building in 1939. It is a modern 23-classroom building plus the auditorium, library, and gym. Immediately following the completion of the present…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--The old Twentieth Avenue School as it appeared just a few years before the new building was built at Twentieth Avenue and S. 10th St. Started out as a four room building before 1900, the old building was built in…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Bloomer School building at the corner of Willow Ave. and South Seventh St., is shown as it appeared on the original dedication program of August 26, 1881. Accompanying this picture of the new school was the program and,…

Today...modern Bloomer School stands in the same location at Willow Ave. and 7th St. It was build just 30 years ago when the old school was removed. The old illustrated booklet on Council Bluffs comes from Anita Baum, 515 4th St., and is part of a…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Bloomer School, as shown in a booklet "Council Bluffs of 1889" was one of 15 buildings then in the public school system which cost the city the sum total of $215,800. (That's considerably less than a single building…

Today...The Abraham Lincoln football field stands at the site of the old school. The picture was taken from Fifth Avenue bluffs. The lighted field can be seen from virtually all over the city. It is named Kirn Field, in honor of former A.L.…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--This is the old Council Bluffs High School as it appeared in 1887 when it served the entire city, In 1900 Abraham Lincoln was built and it was the lone high school until the addition of Thomas Jefferson in the early…

Today...a modern fireproof building has replaced the old structure. It was complete four years after the fire. The wagon trail and most of the small elms are gone but the smooth lawn of the School has an abundance of shade trees. The tower on the…

This was the main dormitory and administration building of the Iowa School for the Deaf as it looked in 1887. In 1902, the building burned. Note the wagon trail across the foreground and the row of trees. The lawn was more like a pasture.

In 1887, St. Francis Xavier Academy stood at the corner of Seventh St. and Fifth Ave. The building, then surrounded by young trees and a white rail fence, was used as an exclusive girls school which attracted students from all over the Midwest. At…

Photograph of the High School. Located at the top of High School Avenue. Present site of Kirn Field.

Photograph of Deaf and Dumb Institute. Located at 1600 South Highway 275. This building burned down in 1891. It is now The Iowa School for the Deaf.

A photograph of Bloomer School taken in 1887

Carter Lake School...will have room to expand this fall because the seventh and eighth graders will be going to Wilson School. Officials hope to use several of the rooms for a library and others for expansion of the special education programs. it…

School Carter Lake is bulging with students. Additions to the original structure are visable [sic] at both right and left. Another four-room addition is proposed for the left or west wing.

Yearbook (annual) of Underwood High School.

Yearbook (annual) of Underwood High School.
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