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Council Bluffs Changing Scene: This was the first service station in Council Bluffs, according to David D. Jones of Excelsior Springs, Mo. He sent this picture to The Nonpareil via his son, Don Jones of 2422 Avenue F. David Jones, now 79, was an…

Today...the same block is used for garage and auto service including the spaces used as a stable in the 1923 photo. However, the modern one-story buildings replace the old two-story section.

Today...the same corner is the location of a service Station and a modern business building. This change took place several years ago, but many person about Council Bluffs still remember the old buildings.

Today...the same location is occupied by three different businesses, including two in comparatively new buildings. The building at right is the same with considerable remodeling. It's now a servce [sic]] station. Center building is an automotive…
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