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Fighting Losing Battle...with a snow shovel are Linda McKay and Barbara Stroud, who live at 830 E. Pierce St.

A Wet, Sticky, Snow...Thursday night left trees in Council Bluffs outlined in white resembling a giant cottonfield [sic]. Nonpareil Chief Photographer Jack Kennedy, used a time exposure and three flashbulbs to illuminate this scene on Huntington…

It Was A Horse Of A Different Color...about 12 hours before this picture was taken on East Pierce Street. Dense, wet snow returned to the Bluffs area Friday morning, after the welcome thaw. Cars had to turn on headlights and drivers again reverted…

Working Like A Schnapps, a St. Bernard who provides power for the V-plow guided by his master, Glen A. Gohlinghost of 232 Jordan St. They are cleaning snow from the sidewalk near their home.

The Pony Creek hills northwest of Glenwood take on picture post card qualities after snow falls. This scene, following an earlier snow, features one of the abandoned bridges familiar in the area.

Aren't You Glad...These snow-covered steps don't lead to your front door? The steps lead to the memorial at Lincoln Park, near Military Ave. and Oakland Dr.

Call Of too great for these jonquils to be subdued by the snow. Shaking off part of their white coat, the flowers push upward for a breath of the crisp air. This picture was taken on Huntington Avenue.
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