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[Photo is a cropped version of photo in this article]
Susan B. Anthony silver dollars are tossed into the fountain of 'The Boy With the Leaking Boot" statue.
Wishing for good luck are, from left, Mayor William Ballenger, Twila Craig and Joe…

Detail nearly done as David Holmes, a local artist and art teach, cleans the leg on the Boy With the Leaky Boot.

Two photographs of a statue of a firefighter located at the old Central Station - 29 North Main St.

Boy with a Leaky Boot statue, acting as a fountain, in Centre Point Mall. May with hose kneeling by the fountain, filling it with water

photo of "Two Brothers" statue at Boystown, with one boy carrying another boy on his back. On the pedestal:
"He ain't Heavy Father...He's m' brother."
Boys Town
Dedicated to helping all youth realize their full potential for God, Self, and…

Boy with the Leaking Boot
formerly at Swan Pond, Fairmount Park
Offutt AFB
1983 at Centre Point Mall

photo of statue, "Boy with the Leaking Boot" in corner of two walls: stone and painted brick; standing on stone slab on top of brick floor.
On back: File-Boy with Leaking Boot
Stamped date: ENTERED SEP 25 1992

close-up of top part of Boy_With_the_Leaking_Boot_003.jpg
On back: file--"Boy with Leaking Boot"
Stamped: ENTERED SEP 25 1992

No, the statue hasn't been embalmed. "The Boy With the Leaking Boot" arrived in Council Bluffs on June 3 in a wooden box resembling a coffin. Head Librarian Mildred Smock examines the statue in the basement of the Public Library where it is being…

"The Boy With The Leaking Boot" least 75 years old, proudly stands with Mrs. Bruce K. Holloway, wife of the commander-in-chief of the Strategic Air Command, in her garden pol at Offutt Air Base.

Fairmount Park Swan the turn of the century shows "The Boy With The Leaking Boot," under arrow in center of the photo. Exact date of this photo, from Nonpareil files, is not known.

The Boy With The Leaking Boot...has become an internationally known statues although its origin and sculptor remain unknown. Once located at the Swan Pond in Fairmount Park, this copy is now i the garden of Gen. and Mrs. Bruce Holloway at Offutt Air…
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