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Streets O255.tif
Photograph of the east side of Oakland Avenue.

Broadway B763b showing horse car track at 4th St. See note on back.tif
Photograph of Broadway and 4th Street, showing horse car tracks

Broadway B763d.tif
Photograph of Broadway east of 1st street showing storm damage.

Ten postcards depicting Broadway - Council Bluffs, IA.

Postcard of Pearl Street looking North from Bayliss Park.

Streets C676.tif
Photograph showing construction at the corner of Fourth street and Fifth avenue, Council Bluffs. Pottawattamie courthouse is in the distance.

Streets C686.tif
Photograph of an unidentified street in Council Bluffs. Possibly 8th or 9th street looking east.

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Streets S688.tif
Photograph of South 8th street in Council Bluffs, looking south, showing sidewalk and houses.

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Streets V549a.tif
Photograph from 29th and Avenue B, looking north east.


A panoramic photograph of Council Bluffs in 1916.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Pierce Street is paved for the first time in 1903 by this crew of workmen who used muscle power rather than mechanical mixers. One workmen [sic] is throwing water onto a pile of crushed stone. Cement will be added and…

Today...looking down the street from the same intersection the picture is completely changed. The wide paving offers a smooth thoroughfare for motorists entering the city. The street is lined with large shade trees. At right is the J.F. Wilcox…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--This crew is paving Vine Sts, in the vicinity of North Second St. in Council Bluffs' "horse and buggy" days. The job is done with paving bricks, many of which remain in city streets today. Photo from F.E. Moses, 2641…

Today...the brick street carries auto traffic through the city. The building identified as "Neumeyer's Hotel Stables" still stands far down the block. Several frame buildings remain, but new apartments stand at left.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--This is Grace Street at Carson Avenue in the early 1900s. The bank at rear is being dug away, evidently to make room for Carson Avenue which runs parallel to it. Grace Street, left, was a mud trail, marked with the…

Today...both streets are paved. Carson Avenue can barely be seen as it takes off downhill behind picket fence. Many homes along the east side of Grace Street still sit atop the large clay bank and have only rear access. Undergrowth on the bank…

Photograph of junction of Main and Pearl Streets. North view from present Hay Market Square.

Photograph of middle Broadway. North side of Broadway from Fourth Street toward Bryant Street. Area now included in shopping center.

Photograph of Pearl Street from Broadway. West side. New State Savings Bank building built on this corner in 1946.

Photograph of Upper Broadway. East from approximately Fourth Street.
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