Bahnsen, Stan and Connie


Bahnsen, Stan and Connie


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Bahnsen, Stan and Connie
Pitcher--Chicago White Sox
New York Yankees

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Staff Officers. April 6, 1963
Bahnsen Selected For All-Big 8 Baseball Team. June 6, 1965
Bahnsen Likes N.Y. And Yankees Are Fans Of Young Bluffs Pitcher. January 7, 1966
Bahnsen Is Ace Of Toledo Hill Staff. June 12, 1966
Bahnsen To Stay At Toledo; Yanks Demote Bill Drummond. September 3, 1966
Yanks Call Up Bahnsen. September 5, 1966
Bahnsen All-Star Rookie. October 5, 1968
Yankees' Stan Bahnsen--A Man On The Move. October 10, 1966
Bluffs' Bahnsen AL Rookie Of The Year In Landslide. November 20, 1968
Bahnsen Day Planned Here. November 20, 1968
Stan Bahnsen's Welcome Home Slated Sunday. December 17, 1968 [3 copies]
Bahnsen Is Coming Home As Major C.B. Celebrity. December 22, 1968
Rookie's Family Is Ready For Sunday 'Bahnsen Day.' December 22, 1968
Much Better Than a Telegram. December 22, 1968
A Welcome Kiss. December 23, 1968
Bahnsen's Arrival Is Hardly Noticed. December 23, 1968
Bachelor Bahnsen Attracts Females. December 24, 1968
Bahnsen Signs for Pals. December 26, 1968
Office Holders Plan To Attend Bahnsen Event. December 27, 1968
Gov. Robert Fulton Will Be Here. December 28, 1968
Timetable For Bahnsen Day Events. December 29, 1968
AL Rookie Honor To Bahnsen No. 1 S.W.I. Sports Story, January 1, 1969
450 To Attend Bahnsen Event. January 9, 1969
Moon Crew Member Commends Bahnsen. January 10, 1969
Bahnsen Honored With Gifts, Praise. January 10, 1969
A Wonderful Event. January 11, 1969
Bahnsen Lauds Aid Given By His Boyhood Coaches. May 29, 1969
Wedding Bells, Banquet Cutdown for Stan. October 5, 1969
Stan Bahnsen Feels Yankees Can Do It. June 12, 1970
Bahnsen Supports Strike, Looks Forward to Season. April 3, 1972
Raymond P. Bahnsen [obituary]. June 7, 1973
Bahnsen Hoping For Better in 1975. January 17, 1975
Oakland Swaps Stan Bahnsen for Jorgensen. May 23, 1977
Bahnsen Relief Stint Tops Omaha. Omaha Wold Herald, August 16, 1982
Bahnsen Finds Senior Leaguers Still Have Skills. Omaha World Herald, January 21, 1990


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Bahnsen, Stan & Connie
Pitcher--Chicago White Sox
New York Yankees


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