Ball, Dale and Sylvia


Ball, Dale and Sylvia


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Ball, Dale and Sylvia
Midlands Corp.
Dale Ball Is New Head Of First National. 1964
Fremont Man Pays $2,817,480 For City National Bank Stock. January 3, 1964
Ball Heads City National; Tornblom To A New Post. January 15, 1964
Let's Chat...with Dale Ball. February 2, 1964
Young Presidents Elect Dale Ball. May 8, 1964
Chamber Picks Vice Presidents; Each To Direct One of 5 New Councils. December 2, 1964
Bluffs Councilmen Create Low Rent Housing Agency. August 3, 1965
Ball Named Head Of College Board. March 4, 1966
Ball Named President of River Group. May 24, 1966
Ball Heads Urban Renewal Advisers. September 8, 1966
Ball Elevated to Chairman of River Group. November 9, 1967
Ball Is First C.B. Man Named To Joslyn Board. December 20, 1967
Dale Ball, in charge of Public Affairs. February 4, 1968
Ball Named To Election Committee. October 31, 1969
Ball Principal Owner of Bank. March 5, 1968
Ball To Head Arts Council. September 13, 1968
Economy Committee. December 9, 1969
Dale Ball Gets KMTV Top Award. January 13, 1970
Rubella Drive Gets $1,000. February 15, 1970
Why Put Top Priority On City Renewal Plan? June 21, 1972
Ball Is Name Co-Chairman Of University Fund. April 7, 1973
Ball Has Open-Heart Surgery; Is Doing Well. March 28, 1974
Ball Easing Back Into Schedule. April 10, 1974
Mall success is satisfying for Dale Ball; Plan in writing should Ball suddenly die. April 25, 1976
Dale Ball Day to be Nov. 22nd. October 24, 1976 [2 copies]
Special Section in honor of Ball. November 21, 1976
Tribute to Dale Ball. November 21, 1976
Dale Ball...A community salute; Supplement to the Nonpareil. November 21, 1976
Right on time. November 23, 1976
Ball is honored for mall project. November 23, 1976
Balls buy bank. April 20, 1981
Balls to move from C.B. May 27, 1981
Developer loans bring down bank. September 27, 1987


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Ball, Dale and Shirley


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