Ballenger, William A. (Bill) and Sharon


Ballenger, William A. (Bill) and Sharon


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Ballenger, William A. (Bill) & Sharon
Ballenger Automotive
Gets High Scout Honor. May 11, 1953
A.L. Debate Team Sets Top Record. December 11, 1954
Bill Ballenger in College Who's Who. December 20, 1957
Baptist Award to C.B. Student. April 4, 1958
In The Service. October 19, 1958
2 C.B. Students To Be Graduated. May 25, 1959
Mrs. Sharon Ballenger. August 21, 1960
Ballenger Has Been Active Since He Was 6 Months Old. September 2, 1961
Ballenger Named Picnic Chairman. May 2, 1964
Ballenger promoted By Army Reserve. March 22, 1965
Ballenger Head Men's Brotherhood. December 3, 1965
University Group Names Ballenger. November 3, 1964
CB Council Would Raze Old Bridge; Put 'Walk On New. August 6, 1966
State News Council Bluffs Nonpareil. June 2, 1970
Saturday Medititation [photo from]. May 11, 1974
Bloom Where You Are...Planted...December 14, 1974
Ballenger Announces Candidacy [2 copies]. June 28, 1981
Ballenger files for City Council. [2 copies] September 17, 1981
Ballenger. November 1, 1981
City, county heads named; Ballenger new mayor of Bluffs. January 3, 1982
The happy councilman. April 14, 1982
That's why. April 14, 1982
Mayor's wife planning to utilize her sense of humor. January 9, 1983
Guest editorial: Risks, opportunities and challenges...January 10. 1983
William Ballenger: Vision needed for leadership. April 24, 1983
Guest editorial: I am thankful that I can sweat...November 24, 1983
Ex-mayor: A unique experience. January 3, 1984
Ballenger named to NLC post. February 7, 1984
Ballenger unsure if he'll run. December 7, 1984
Ballenger won't seek re-election. April 23, 1985
Ballenger claimes charter would 'stifle leadership. December 23, 1986
Ballenger will decide later on mayor bid. February 26, 1987
Counselor group honors Council Bluffs woman. November 6, 1987
Bluffs man to command Army school. January 27, 1988
Priorities differ for Senate candidates. November 1, 1992


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Ballenger, William A. (Bill) and Sharon


Council Bluffs, Iowa


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