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Airport Council Bluffs


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Airport Council Bluffs, before 1965
Work goes forward at hangars on Council Bluffs' new airfield. March 25, 1928
Council Bluffs airport map. May 4, 1928
Twenty-nine study flying. May 29, 1928
Aero club will have open house. May 29, 1928
Here are some of the 11,000 who attended the airport dedication. September 30, 1928
Map shows location of approved site for municipal airport. August 22, 1929
Take part in the air circus. August 9, 1936
What airport group hopes to build. June 28, 1944
Municipal airport is paying its own way. August 15, 1954
May expand city airport, despite interstate plan. February 25, 1958
Air-ground radio unit installed at C.B. field. May 7, 1958
Possible CB airport site gives way to big KC-135s. December 18, 1958
FAA recommends new airport here. April 6, 1959
Bluffs could 'cash in' on Airport-If….April 19, 1959
Future of city airport bit brighter. April 26, 1959
Airport expansion plan under 'serious' study. July 26, 1959
Huge airline lands at Bluffs field -- by mistake. December 28, 1959
Big bird' flaps wings and leaves little nest. December 30, 1959
New home for planes. May 11, 1960
Airport arrow. June 16, 1960
New airport needed in C.B. April 25, 1961
Airport's new structure cited as a boon to pilots. July 13, 1961
Handmade plane built for stunts. June 8, 1964
Vote to buy Bluffs airport. December 16, 1964
Airport talks to begin in January. December 17, 1964
Bigger airport is needed for Bluffs. December 27, 1964
It was supposed to happen in Omaha, but it happened in Council Bluffs instead. January 31, 1965
Big navy plane lands at C.B. airport by mistake. February 1, 1965
Council okays sale of airport. No verbal protests. April 20, 1965
Council okays sale of airport. Would clear way for highway work. April 27, 1965
C.B. airport to be under cuty council. May 6, 1966
Crash blame is placed on pilot error. August 2, 1966
2 airport agency members resign. August 3, 1966
Third member of the airport board resigns. August 4, 1966


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Airport Council Bluffs


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