Dodge Memorial, "Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial" (Black Angel)


Dodge Memorial, "Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial" (Black Angel)


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Dodge Memorial, "Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial" (Black Angel)
Anne Dodge asks publicat[tion of] verse on mother's death. Septembe 4, 1927
Winter's magic artistry touches Dodge Memorial. February 27, 1929
C.B. site of one of finest works of famed sculptor who died in East. October 8, 1931
Glittering elfin forest surrounds memorial fountain. January 14, 1934
Memorial sculpture portrays dream of Mrs. Doge just before her death. July 26, 1936
By well-intentioned Girl Scouts, world-famed Black Angel has perilously close call. July 17, 1958
Know your scenes. July 3, 1960
Famed Black Angel to the Bluffs Park Board. January 6, 1964
Cost approximately $12,000. Park Board may move famous Black Angel to Dodge House. March 28, 1965
Angel lights. December 27, 1965
The Black Angel. February 16, 1969
White face. May 9, 1971
The Black Angel. November 23, 1973
Black Angel can't fly makes weighty problem. October 18, 1978
The saga of the Black Angel: A real ghost story. October 29, 1978
Waiting for the touch. February 17, 1980
Look homeward, angel? Move still a possibility. February 24, 1980
The monuments and memorials of Council Bluffs. The Black Angel. November 10, 1981
Will 'Black Angel' finally be moved? May 25, 1982
Arts Council begins sprucing of 'Angel'. July 18, 1984
Statue fund gets $5,000 boost. February 23, 1985
Angel' fountain to flow again soon. June 7, 1985
Fountain's return t be commemorated. August 15, 1985
Fountain dedication set for Wednesday. August 19, 1985
The Black Angel Fountain, Bluffs heritage flow anew. August 21, 1985
Grant to light up Dodge Memorial. December 12, 1985
Grant of $25,000 boosts drive for statue restoration. December 19, 1985
Drive to restore Doge memorial hits midway mark. February 12, 1986
Money flowing in as 'Black Angel' work continues. July 16, 1986
Black Angel tourism program takes wing. March 1, 1987
Ceremony to celebrate 'Black Angel' repairs. May 20, 1987
Vandals strike restored Angel. May 26, 1987
Black Angel on register. February 21, 1988


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Dodge Memorial, "Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial" (Black Angel)


Council Bluffs, Iowa


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