Best Pictures 1960


Best Pictures 1960


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Best Pictures of 1960
Best Stories of 1960 missing from envelope; noted 8-22-63
Pictures Depict Good And Bad Of 1960. January 1, 1961
Sailor, Hitchhiker Killed As Car Plunges In Creek; One Man Escapes With Scratch. January 3, 1960
Death In The Snow. January 6, 1960
Combining Operations. January 18, 1960
Doggone This Flu. February 3, 1960
Patterns In Pups. March 13, 1960
"Arrow" Wounds. March 28, 1960
Flood Threats Ease In SW Iowa; Warmer Weather To Help The Bluffs; While Other Parts Of State Have Problems. March 30, 1960
Water Resistant. April 8, 1960
Jonquils In Spring. April 13, 1960
More Showers. June 9, 1960
Range Riders. June 12, 1960
They're Off. August 12, 1960
Let's Be Doggy. August 14, 1960
Gosh, Lookie There. August 17, 1960
Mother And Son Killed In Car-Truck Smashup; Two Children Injured On Highway 92
Will Helms Shed Three Other Names As He Becomes A Citizen; Korean Orphan Among 17 Naturalized


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Best Pictures Best Stories 1960


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