Best Pictures 1962-1966


Best Pictures 1962-1966


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Best Photos 1962-1966
9 Freight Cars, Contents Burn In McPaul Derailment; Broken Truck Is Blamed. February 20, 1962
Three Cooper Kids Lose Tonsils 'Like Troopers'. January 27, 1963
The Spider. January 27, 1963
More than 50 Hikers On Trek To Mo. Valley, Back. February 16, 1963
Pay Green Fees? February 28, 1963
Shovels And Heavy Equipment. March 5, 1963
Traffic At Standstill As Cattle Take To Superroad; Stock Truck Overturns. March 29, 1963
The Story of Lora Bebout And One Acre Of Wheat. May 3, 1963
Cass Deputy Auditor Retires After 54 Years In Court House; Was State's Youngest Auditor. May 8, 1963
Farmers Hard Hit By Imports Of Beef In U.S.; $3.5 Million Yearly Loss In This County. December 15, 1963
Mother Saves Baby As Four Sons Die In Fire. January 16, 1964
Pony Creek Post Card. March 9, 1964
Like Fine Lace. March 21, 1964
Nostalgic Scene. January 29, 1965
Working Like A Dog. January 30, 1965
Confidential Chat. April 20, 1965
Wooden Leg. September 28, 1965
Bluffs Couple Die In Airplane Crash. November 6, 1965
Winter Morn. January 26, 1966
Standing Guard. February 28, 1966
Howlin' Houn' Dog. April 1, 1966
Fountain Youths. May 25, 1966


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Best Pictures 1962-1966


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