Best Stories 1965-1974


Best Stories 1965-1974


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Best Stories 1965-1966-70-71-72-73-74; 1969
Easter Bunny Fagged After Bout With Dog And Big Helper; Ran All The Way From Des Moines. April 16, 1965
And Why Not? April 1, 1966
'Ain't Gonna Sell', But He Can't Drive; Bluffs Man Grounded By Highway Patrol. September 14, 1966
'Gentle People' Visit Bluffs Vineyards. September 24, 1968
Our Choice Of Top News; For Year Just Ended. January 1, 1969.
What Would We Do Without America?' February 20, 1969
Battle Of Bulge Begins In Council Bluffs. March 5, 1969
Survivor Of Fatal Crash Recovering; Five Youths Killed. July 5, 1969.
'I Saw What Was Going To Happen'; Survivor Of Fatal Crash Recalls. July 6, 1969
Jeffrey Lost His Leg But Not His Spirit; 'Knows' God Has A Job For Him. September 14, 1969
It Take Love --AND MONEY--To Hook That Honey; Weddings Can Be Co$tly Affairs...July 5, 1970
School Tax Reform Could Mean 50-Mill Drop Here. January 24, 1971
Pressure: A Hidden Problem; Reaction Is Key, Experts Say. November 29, 1971
The Ordinary Is Exceptional For Donna; Girl Born Without Arms. February 27, 1972
Services Donated For Victim. August 22, 1972
The Real "Middlemen" Tell Their Story; 'Ham' Shows In Reporter. May 2, 1973
Scherle Charges 'Fix' In Squeeze Play On Stations. August 31, 1973
Big Achievements By A Little Man; Handicapped Teacher Carlton Beers. October 21, 1973
Has Had A Full Life. November 4, 1973
Bluffs Extortion Attempt Flops; Mother, Wife Safe. February 27, 1974
Everything Was Calm Until...; The Story Behind The Story. February 28, 1974
Not A Hot Head. July 22, 1974


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Best Stories 1965-1974


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