Bird, Jake


Bird, Jake


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Bird, Jake
Hanged--ax murderer
Hanged--Walla Walla, Washington
Two Omaha Women Hacked to Death. November 19, 1928
Gives Description Of Her Assailant. November 20, 1928
Police Doggedly Stick To Search For Sadist Fiend. November 21, 1928
Caught By Fireman Who Uses Thug's Hatchet To Hit Him. November 22, 1928
Victims of Omaha Axman. November 23, 1928
Local Agents So Far Have Found No Resemblance.
November 24, 1928
Mrs. Stribling Again Identifies Bird As Assailant. November 25, 1928
Mrs. Stribling Declares He Is Her Assailant. November 23, 1928
Negro Is Said To Resemble Man Who Cut Five With Ax. November 26, 1928
Seek To TIghten Net Around Bird. November 28, 1928
Suspect Brought Before Woman For Second Time.; Identifieds Bird's Belt As That Worn By Man Who Attacked Her. November 27, 1928.
May Ask Darrow To Defend Bird; Negro Lawyer Appeals To Association, Says Prisoner Is "Framed." November 30, 1928.
Declares She Saw Bird In East Omaha On Day Of Attacks; Striblings' Neighbor Identifies Hacker Suspect In Person. December 2, 1928
Bird Attacked Jailer In Utah; engineered Break At Ogden, Says Dispatch Received Here. December 16, 1928
Bird Indicted On Two Counts; Negro Charged With Intent To Kill. January 4, 1929
Bird Was Chased Out; Sheriff Tells o Prisoner's Trouble in Louisiana. January 22, 1929
Bird, Arraigned, Denies His Guilt; Pleads Innocence To Bills Charging Attacks On Striblings. January 24, 1929
Only One Person Is Disqualified For His Opinion; Hatchet Man Suspect Sits Near Pair He's Charged With Attacking., January 28, 1929
Awakened To See Man Beating Her Husband With Ax; Negro Had on Only Underwear And Sox, Victim Tells Jury. January 29, 1929.
Neighbor Says Bird Tried To Enter Her Home; Woman Who Lived Near Striblings Found Hatchet Had Been Moved. January 20, 1929
Jake Bird Takes The Stand; Does Not Look At Mrs. Stribling; But Appears At Ease While In Witness Chair. February 1, 1929
Jury Declares He Attacked Stribling Intending To Kill; Jury Gives Verdict At 1 P.M. After Getting Case At 9:15 A.M. February 2, 1929
Seen In Roadhouse Before And After Murders In Omaha; Disappeared "Broke" And Reappeared Few Hours Later With Cash. February 3, 1929
Omaha Deputies Verify Fact Bird Was Near Ressos'; Check Movements Of Convicted Hatchet Man On Night Of Murders. February 5, 1929
Bird's Attorneys Request New Trial; Charge Northrop With Misconduct In Referring To Woman. February 8, 1929
Bird Defense Says Man In Illinois Is Guilty; But Peters Gives Convicted Negro 30-year Sentence. February 12, 1929
Organ Is Mum On New Ax Suspect.; Refuses To Reveal Identity; Bird To Remain In County Jail. February 13, 1929
Bird's Case Taken To Supreme Court; Organ Files Notice Of Appeal For Hatchet Man Suspect. February 20, 1929
Barth Case Is Dropped; Conviction of Jake Bird Causes Withdrawal of Charges. March 8, 1929
Shotwell Quits Bird's Defense; Lawyer Says Time Too Great And Fee Too Small. March 20, 1929
Bird May Obtain Change Of Venue; Second Ax Trial May Be Held In Glenwod Or Logan. March 18, 1929
Jake Bird Becomes No. 14314 At "Pen"; Negro Convicted Of Ax Attackes Is Taken to Fort Madison. April 26 1929
Northrop Acts On request Made By Mrs. Stribling; Wishes To Save Witness From Again Reviewing Hectic Experiences. July 31, 1929
Hatchet Suspect Not Held In Omaha; Police Deny Questioning About Crime For Which Bird Is In "Pen". August 8, 1930
Victims Oppose Release Of Bird; Mrs. Stribling Still Sure Right Man Was Sent To Prison. January 27, 1933
Bird Confesses Killing Women; Uses Axe When Caught Burglarizing House. November 3, 1947
Lainson Thinks Bird Should Hang; Puts Little Credence In His Latest Story. November 11, 1947


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Bird, Jake


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