Bluffs Elevator Fire


Bluffs Elevator Fire


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Bluffs Elevator Fire
Elevator sold in September. April 21, 1982
The emergency operation; 'One heck of a job'. April 21, 1982
'What would happen if that thing ever blew up?' April 21, 1982
Realtors shook up by elevator blast. April 21, 1982
Body still unidentified. April 24, 1982
'I thought he was probably blowed away.' April 21, 1982
Blast knocked C.B. man to ground, then he ran. April 21, 1982
Search for 3 continues. April 25, 1982
Just Bluffing: More non-routine than most days. April 25, 1982
Grain dust tests called inadequate. April 26, 1982
Rebuilding of elevator discussed. April 26, 1982
Southwest Iowa deaths. April 26, 1982
No decision of rebuilding; AGRI Industries to wait. April 27, 1982
Towns praised for help at elevator. April 28, 1982
CB blast may lead to congressional hearings. April 28, 1982
Grain dust blamed for explosion. May 9, 1982
Strict elevator inspection urged. May 11, 1982
Blast debris trucked away. June 22, 1982
Blast survivors looking to courts. June 29, 1982
Grain dust dangers widespread.; 4 out of 5 have high dust levels. July 22, 1982
State cites Bluffs Elevator; Stemming from explosion. August 31, 1982
Explosion victim files suit. January 14, 1983
Suit filed in explosion death. January 18, 1983
New suit in elevator blast case. April 6, 1983
Elevator blast one year later. April 20, 1983
Elevator suits in U.S. court. May 5, 1983
Elevator demolition scheduled. May 9, 1983
Eighth suite filed in explosion. May 12, 1983
AGRI may return to CB. May 12, 1983
Demolition preparation. May 19, 1983
Elevator demolition under way. May 20, 1983
Elevator explosion lawsuits now total 11. October 28, 1983
Driver's son files suit in C.B. elevator blast. April 20. 1984
UP workers settle suit. July 20, 1984
AGRI on trial this week over elevator blast. January 6, 1985
Elevator trial to be lengthy. January 8, 1985
Grain elevator trial delayed; 'prejudicial' remarks cited. January 9, 1985
District Court: Attorneys for the defendants in the lawsuit... February 27, 1985
AGRI trial starts up again. May 7, 1985
Jury to begin deciding AGRI case. May 23, 1985
Jury out in grain blast case. May 24, 1985
$2.58 million awarded in elevator case. May 25, 1985
AGRI damages called unfair. May 29, 1985
Law firm sues over fees in elevator case. November 13, 1985


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