Avoca, IA Pt1


Avoca, IA Pt1


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Avoca, IA Pt1
Hetzel Has Resided in Town Since 1874
Avoca 2 Miles Long
Avoca is Community Without Vacant House
Turner is President of Avoca Lions Club
Girl Reserves Are Active in School
Sponsor Production of Film "Smoky"
Will Present Concert
Organize Boy Scouts
Davis Brothers Were First Bank Founders
Avoca's Department Prevents Bad Fires
Frank Beymer Won Laurels as Pitcher Before Entering Newspaper Business
Rutenbeck is Head of Avoca Schools
East Pottawattamie Court Is At Avoca
Power Headquaarters Located in Avoca
Institution Digs Way Out of "Red" February 4, 1934
Choir At Avoca Is Seeking Name February 4, 1934
Long Hoped For Addition Complete At Avoca School January 5, 1955
Avoca Courthouse Gets its First Major Renovation January 23, 1955
Need For 2 Courthouses In County is Questioned April 1, 1955
New Avoca Church May 1, 1955
Final Services Are Set At Avoca Church January 29, 1956
New Swimming Pool Keeps Avocans Cool June 26, 1956
Avoca Will Become . . . Distribution Center For The Iowa Power and Light July 16, 1956
Avoca Parishioners Take Much Pride In New Church March 27, 1957
Avoca Moved Three Times Before It 'Settled Down' October 25, 1957
It's Small But Avoca's Library Is A Busy Place - Staffed by Volunteers May 7, 1958
New 'Home' Opened For Avoca Bank October 19, 1958
Avoca's Post Office Now In New, Enlarged Quarters - Combinations Puzzle Patrons January 12, 1959
Avoca Creamery Sales Increase - Over $1,750,000 Business in 1958 March 9, 1959
Avoca Depot Is Now A Memory - Replaced by Two Remodeled Coaches May 8, 1959
It May Be Progress, But It Sure Has Avoca Fouled Up - Anybody Know What Time It Is? November 22, 1959
Avoca Thanks Nine Firemen For 242 Years Of Service May 1, 1960
Sudden Order To Close Jail At Avoca Puzzles Residents September 22, 1960
New Fire Escape January 9, 1961
Health Approval For Avoca Jail January 11, 1961
Nursing Home Planned With 46-Bed Capacity - Eight Avocans Provide Funds
East Pott. School Plans Produce Pointed Queries - Study Committee Continues Research April 7, 1961
Avoca Will Hear Sermons In Accent As Pastors Trade Jobs, Weather For Year - Rev. Wood To New Zealand And May 22, 1961
New Avoca Alfalfa Plant Now In Full Production - $100,00 Went Into Modernization July 30, 1961
'Down Under' Clergyman, Family At Home In Avoca August 3, 1961
Dr. Hinz Fights Cancer By Trying To Tag Virus - Avoca High Grad Works In Tumor Research August 25, 1961
Avoca's New Nursing Home Will Be Ready Nov. 7 - It Will Accommodate 46 Residents October 25, 1961
Bright Entrance October 25, 1961
Avoca Meet Finds 7th District Changed, Slogan Same - First Gathering for Democrats In Reorganized District February 12, 1962
There's Some Question, But Believed That - New Avoca State Bank Becomes First New Home For Firm In 90-Year History April 19, 1962
Won't Know Preacher Until He's In Pulpit - When Two Lutheran Churches Combine In Avoca May 20, 1962
Incorporate Avocan Fertilizer Firm January 3, 1963
Public Service Pioneering, Courthouse Shared By Women - First Female Deputy, Early Air Employee At Avoca February 4, 1963
Avocans Will Have 'Wetter' Town Soon - Talking Water, Not Liquor March 17, 1963
Village Grows Near Avoca June 7, 1963
Rest Home Patients Grateful To Three Avoca Nurses' Aides August 1, 1963
Double Water Supply February 2, 1964
Pair of Prisoners Escape From County Jail At Avoca - Awaiting Move to Reformatory February 5, 1964
Farmers, Officers Keep Up Search For Escapees - Hunt Centered In Minden Area February 6, 1964
Highway 59 Hearing Set - On New Alignment North From Avoca February 7, 1964
Approve U.S. 59 Work At Avoca - Project Will Cost Estimated $597,000 March 25, 1964
Avoca School Buys School Property May 22, 1964
AvoHa Awards To Janet Griggs - 46 Seniors Get Their Diplomas May 22, 1964
Avoca Supplies One Third Of JEH Nursing Students September 13, 1964
Articles Filed By Recreational Area December 6, 1964
Peruvian Girl Is AFS Student - Will Spend Year With Avoca Family August 11, 1965
Avoca Votes Thursday On Fire Station, Town Hall November 30, 1965
Avoca In Loud 'Yes' To New Fire Station December 3, 1965
New Plant For Avoca September 21, 1966
Avoca To Lose Its Leading Industry? - Creamery In Financial Trouble September 26, 1966
Avoca Creamery Is 'Broke' And Over $700,000 In Debt - Questions Go Unanswered October 11, 1966
Avoca Egg Plant Sold November 16, 1966
New Avoca Firm Begins Operation - Cheese, Butter Products March 30, 1967
Guarantee Payment To Avoca patrons December 12, 1967
Avoca Legion Post Moves - Remodels Old Theater Building March 12, 1969
Avoca Plans For 100-Year Birthday - Centennial Set June 19-22 March 16, 1969
Cake To Mark Centennial Start June 12, 1969
Centennial Sights June 18, 1969
Time Capsule Will Recap Centennial Days Of Avoca - Another Festival In 50 Years? June 29, 1969
Avoca Youth Look To Fair - Expositions Near Throughout Southwest Iowa July 20, 1969
Pott. County Fiar Has Variety Of Attractions July 25, 1969
SWI Theaters Play New Roles August 27, 1969
Avoca Nursing Home Dissolves Its Operations September 18, 1969
AvoHa Royalty September 19, 1969
Sheriff Office Staff Grows September 20, 1969
Avoca Gets MAPA Nod For Sewer October 31, 1969
Fewer Supervisors 'Might Save Money' February 17, 1970
Proof Asked In Court Closing - E. Pott. Feeling On Avoca Court February 22, 1970
Courthouse Closing Tied With Economy February 22, 1970
AvoHa To Vote On Bond Issue October 11, 1970
Proposed New AvoHa School Comes To Vote Nov. 17 January 18, 1970
AvoHa Proposal Calls For Flexibility November 15, 1970
Avoca Area Voters Split On AvoHa School Bond Issue November 15, 1970
AvoHa Bond Issue OK'd By Voters November 18, 1970
Avoca Plans Opening Of Center March 14, 1971
Senior Center At Avoca Ready March 22, 1971
Ray Opens Avoca Center March 25, 1971
Old School Gets Home In Avoca July 4, 1971
Avoca's Playschool Is Project Of Citizens September 5, 1971
Brazilian Student Likes Iowa Snow February 14, 1972
'Recycled' Glass At Avoca Church - Teacher Designs Windows June 4, 1972
Avoca Courthouse Fate Undetermined - Magistrate Location Studied July 23, 1972
$6.017 Granted For Avoca Park October 20, 1972
AvoHa School Nearly Done - Weather Delays Progress December 17, 1972
Little Reaction In Avoca To Planned Demolition Of Jail March 17, 1974
Avoca Jail Wrecking Set March 29, 1974


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Avoca, IA Pt1


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