Avoca, IA Pt 2


Avoca, IA Pt 2


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Avoca, IA Pt 2
$995,000 Facility Ready Next Month - Finishing Touches Put On AvoHa School 03-25-1973
Avoca Is Proud of New School 04-29-1973
One-Room Newton School Faces New Life At Avoca 05-13-1973
Addition Planned For Avoca School 06-03-1973
Avoca Razes High School 08-05-1973
Avoca Church Is 'Open Air' 10-11-1973
County's Last Jail Will Be Demolished 03-08-1974
New Buildings On Avoca Horizon 04-28-1974
Old Avoca Jail Site Sale Approved 05-14-1974
Open House At New Avoca Bank 07-11-1975
Doctor Takes Post In Avoca 05-02-1976
Apartment Complex For Avoca's Elderly 07-18-1976
Longtime Farm Community Gets Big Boost From Tourism 07-18-1976
County Fair Opens July 29 With Emphasis on the Past 07-18-1976
Long Search For Physician Comes To End 07-18-1976
'Sweet Veil' - Poem On The Prairie 07-18-1976
A-Frame Addition For Church - To Be Meeting Place 09-19-1976
Historic School Is Vandalized - Avocans Upset By Loss 02-06-1977
New Building, New Queen For Pottawattamie Fair 07-29-1977
A New Setting In Avoca For Courthouse Antiques 10-23-1977
New Look For Avoca Courthouse 11-04-1977
Avoca Doctor Committee Seeks City Council's Help In Establishing Suitable Clinic Facility 1977
Dr. Kua To Close Practice In Avoca 1977
Avocans Look Again For Doctor 01-22-1978
Avoca Lab Sole Producer of Parvovirus Vaccine - Prevents Swine Abortion Disease 02-11-1979
Woman Wins Slogan Contest 03-19-1979
Horse Show Highlights First Day Judging At Fair 07-27-1979
Fair Opens In Avoca - Easy Day For Big Jerry 07-27-1979
Tears Flow, Hands Fly at Fair Auction 07-31-1979
President's Son Says . . . Other Candidates 'Lot More Scared' 08-10-1979
Vandals Unleash Water, "Mad Flusher" Is Sought 08-10-1979
Versatile Avoca Product Ready For '79 Action 08-26-1979
Once Proud Library Shows Age 10-28-1979
Davis Library Nearing Completion; No Opening Set 10-28-1979
Marijuana Trial In Jury's Hands 03-07-1980
Trucker Found Innocent in Largest Pot Seizure 03-08-1980
Pottawattamie Fair Will Continue To Boost Avoca 04-29-1980
Testimony Goes On In Avoca Suit 05-20-1980
Pottawattamie Fair Opens Its Doors Today 07-23-1981
Ewings Would Be Proud 07-26-1981
Fair Swine Show Is Walnut Affair - Pottawattamie County Fair Results 07-26-1981
Avoca Voters Give Franchise For Cablevision 08-12-1981
East, West Don't Meet On Split Of Fair Money 08-29-1984
Teens Start No-Alcohol Nightspot 03-24-1985
Debt-Free Avoca Slow, But Steady 04-28-1985
Avoca Clinic Proves Successful 04-28-1985
Avoca To Seek Bonds For Sewer Work 05-17-1985
Avoca Approves Bonds For Sewer Construction 06-19-1985
Avoca Offices May Be Combined 07-02-1985
Plans To Close Sheriff's Office Riles Avoca Council 07-20-1985
Rain May Boost County Fair Attendance 07-26-1985
County Fair Schedule 07-27-1985
County Fair Schedule 07-28-1985
County Fair Queen Feels Right At Home 07-29-1985
Off And Running 07-29-1985
County Fair Schedule 07-29-1985
Waiting For The Judge's Ruling 07-30-1985
Rain Hampers Avoca - Rain Won't Cancel Sheep and Dairy Judging, But . . . 07-30-1985
County Fair Schedule 07-30-1985
Fair Results 07-31-1985
Kid's Day At the Pottawattamie County Fair in Avoca 07-31-1985
Wild 'n Wooly Fun Had At Kids Rodeo 08-01-1985
Avoca Buys Lot For $7.50 09-18-1985
Sheriff's Action Upsets Avoca Mayor 10-22-1985
Avoca's Victorian Inn Revisited; It's Not Just For Breakfast 04-27-1986
Avoca, County To Sell Lots 07-01-1986
Carson Tours Old Avoca Home In 'Spur-of-the-Moment' Visit 07-02-1986
What Worries a Fair Organizer? Heat Hurts Hogs 07-16-1986
Money Woes May Lead To Ag Desertion 07-18-1986
How Hot Is It? Too Hot For Chickens 07-19-1986
Fair Isn't All Fun and Games For Everyone 07-21-1986
Sweet Vale of Avoca! 07-29-1986
Fun At The Fair 07-1986
Avoca Bank Purchased By Local Investor Group 01-07-1987
$25,000 Donation From Avoca Bank To Boost Economic Development Effort 01-21-1987
Avoca Emphasizes 'Plusses' To Bring Business To Area 04-26-1987
Pottawattamie County Fair Begins 07-23-1987
Pottawattamie Fair Winners 07-26-1987
Fair Auction Brings Top Prices 07-28-1987
Octagon Building Dedicated Monday 05-31-1988
Pottawattamie, Montgomery Fairs Open 07-20-1988
Sisters Show Top Winners At County Fair 07-26-1988
Pottawattamie Sale Proceeds Down Slightly 07-27-1988
Deputies Probing Break-Ins At Avoca 10-23-1988
Avoca Residents Complain DOT Road Project Overdone 07-28-1989
Explorer Post Battles Peer Pressure - Started In Avoca By Deputy 02-18-1990
State Grant Awarded To Avoca Park 04-15-1990
Pie Contest Kicks Off Fair In Avoca 07-18-1990
Avoca Promotions Lists Booth At Fair Among This Year's Gains 08-30-1990
AvoHa, Underwood Face School Levy Votes 11-24-1990
Avoca Teen Arrested On Sex-Abuse Charge 02-25-1991
Trucker Dies In Nishnabotna Plunge 07-01-1991
Pie, Pizza Receive Prime Billing At Fair 07-18-1991
Julie Hering Is County Fair Queen 07-19-1991
Pottawattamie County Fair Ends With Livestock Auction 07-23-1991
Man Bound With Tape In Avoca Burglary 11-05-1991
Avoca Mayor Doesn't Want Equipment Levy Extension 12-11-1991
Avoca Course Is Vandalized, Reward Offered 02-05-1992
Avoca Course Damage Still Under Investigation 03-06-1992
Deere Dealer Reports $13,050 Theft 08-07-1992
Avoca Talks Secession From County 11-10-1992
'Sad Reality' Sets In At Avoca 11-11-1992
Secession: It's No Easy Trick 11-11-1992
Avoca Seeks To Extend Boundary To Interstate 04-25-1993
Retired Colonel At Helm of Development Group 04-25-1993
Developer Hopes To Solve Ditch Problem 05-20-1993
Development Director Search Begins Again 06-09-1993
County Fair Projects A Family Effort 07-15-1993
Today's Fair Events 07-15-1993
Oakland Family Has Fair Tradition 07-16-1993
Sisters Win Fair Trophies 07-16-1993
Tractor Pull Is Tonight At Fair 07-16-1993
Carson Teen Crowned Queen At County Fair 07-16-1993
Fair Spirits Still High Despite We Weather 07-18-1993
Mixed Feelings Remain on Clerk Move - Judge Still Rules At Avoca Courthouse 09-19-1993
Courts Cut Filings Backlog 09-19-1993
History of Avoca Courthouse 09-19-1993
Merger Talks In Works 01-15-1994
School Merger Petition Issues 01-15-1994
AvoHa, Shelby-Tennant Ready To Tie The Knot? 01-15-1994
Independence Visitors Not To Avoid Anniversary 06-25-1994
WIDA Regroups After Two Resign 07-23-1994


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Avoca, IA Pt 2


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