Bock, Charles C., Jr.


Bock, Charles C., Jr.


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Bock, Charles C., Jr.
Air Force
Ex-C.B. Lancaster, CA
4/62 Chosen for astronaut training
See also: Allavie, Capt. John E.
Smiling...guests of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Chandler are their daughter and her family, Mrs. Charles C. Bock, Lt. Bock, Susan, two months, and Charles, 3. March 19, 1952
Lt. Charles Bock Awarded Air Medal. January 14, 1953
Bluffs B52 Pilot To Help Launch X15 Space Venture. July 29, 1958
Bock, Allavie Fly Mother Ship In X15 Test Flight. September 18, 1959
Bluffs Pilot In New Astronaut Program; Air Force Capt. Charles C. Bock, Jr. April 20, 1962
Capt. Bock Always Loved Flying, Relatives Reveal; New Astronaut Trainee. April 21, 1962
At Least A Few Inches outer space is Capt. Charles Bock, shown with his family. June 10, 1962
Training Eliminates Fear Of Flying Through Space--Bock; Looks Forward To Astronaut Program. June 3, 1962
Bock Promoted By The Air For. August 24, 1962
Major Bock Joins Ranks Of Potential Space Pilots. January 18, 1963
Scout Council Will Hear Bock; Astronaut To Talk At Wakonda. May 28, 1963
Bock's Chances Of Space Jaunt Lessen; Age May Rule Him Out. June 13, 1963
Maj. Bock, Scouting Share Memorable Summer Outing; Several Surprises During Day. June 14, 1963
Col. Bock To Military College. August 2, 1967
Charles C. Bock. [promoted to Colonel]. December 14, 1969
Bluffs Man Flies The B-1 Bomber; Reaches Supersonic Speed. April 24, 1975
Ex-Bluffs Boy Keeps Flying Higher; Test Pilot for B1. April 27, 1975


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